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STEP 1: Download / Install WinHoldEm™

WinHoldEm™ will automatically setup a client account ID for you and present your License page in your browser. There is a purchase button on your browser license page.

Download WinHoldEm
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Why Winholdem is The Perfect Software for Poker Players?

If you are a poker player that plays video poker frequently, then you probably know what we are talking about. Winholdem is a useful tool that helps you win most of your poker hands, no matter if you play in the best casino in Las Vegas or you are staying in your home and playing on mobile casino app. For those of you that decide to play from their mobile phones, we have an exclusive deal from that will save you a bit of money by allowing you to place a few wagers free of charge.

Winholdem is the best software for players that like to play casino games, but they are at entry-level, and they need some help. The app has beneficial features that can help you predict the chance of winning your hand. The developer is suggesting to use the app for gambling on video poker in a real casino when you play in person because the app is not that accurate when you use it on online poker, or in a mobile casino or online casino. The best part about this app, or any other casino app or site for that matter, is that you can get a casino bonus and play for free. There are many different promotions that you can take advantage of, depending on which games you want to play and how flexible you are with your time. By following this link, you can read about the differences between a cashable and sticky casino bonus and determine which one will benefit you the most.

We recommend to give it a try, Winholdem has a trial period where you can use the full version for ten days for free. In that period you can test it and win some money.

STEP 2: Purchase a WinHoldEm™ License

You must buy a 1-year product license. WinHoldEm™ will check your license on launch. You MUST install WinHoldEm™ before you can buy it.

STEP 3: Download / Install WinScrape™

WinHoldEm™ can automatically play Texas Holdem at dozens of internet poker rooms. But you absolutely MUST have a working WinScrape™ (.ws) file for your specific table and site. The .ws file tells WinHoldEm™ how to read the current visual state of your poker table. You'll have all the time you need to use WinScrape™ to reverse engineer any poker room where you want to play. First, we advise you to learn the basic poker rules and have a decent knowledge of the game. Start learning now with the most outstanding French guide, and achieve great success in no time.

Download WinScrape
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STEP 4: Start playing perfect poker

Press the GREEN button on the WinHoldEm™ toolbar and watch your pokerbot automatically read your poker table for you. Then press the A button and sit back and watch WinHoldEm™ play exactly the way you want it to. After that, you just wait and collect your profit. But beware, not all casinos allow you to withdraw your money fast, and many sites only accept big withdrawals. Because of that, we recommend you play at Liberty casino where you can withdrawal any minimum profit you have.