WinHoldEm - System Requirements

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WinHoldem System Requirements

Operating SystemWindowsXP, Windows2003, WindowsVista, Windows7
Internationalization/Localization: US-English
CPUPentium 3 or greater
Display color depth24bit or 32bit
how to change your display color depth
Disk2MB for full install
NetworkNIC or modem connection to the internet

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How To Change Your Display Color Depth
Click by Click
StepWhat To Do
1right click on your desktop to see the context menu.
2left click on the Properties menu item to see the display properties dialog.
3the Display Properties dialog will appear.
4left click on the Settings tab to see the display settings.
5left click on the Colors list box to see the list of available color depths.
6left click on either 24bit or 32bit color
7left click on the Apply button.
8 a system popup dialog will appear asking you to confirm the change.
left click on the OK button to acknowledge the change.
9wait for your display to change.
10 a system popup dialog will appear asking you to accept the change.
left click on the YES button to accept the change.
11left click on the OK button to exit the display properties dialog.

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