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You can use WinHoldEm to play at any online holdem site anywhere on the internet as long as you have the correct uniscraper profile for the site.

WinHoldEm uses a universal scraper engine that is profile driven. In order to use WinHoldEm to play at any given online holdem site you must have the correct uniscraper profile for that site saved into your scraper sub-folder inside of your WinHoldEm install folder. A uniscraper profile contains all of the necessary information needed to allow the uniscraper engine, inside of WinHoldEm, to correctly read the poker table game state that is visible within the poker client window.

WinHoldEm cannot play correctly without a site profile because it cannot know how to read the site otherwise. And if it cannot correctly read the site then it cannot correctly autoplay for you. So you absolutely must have the correct unsicraper profile for your site if you want to use WinHoldEm at that site.

We centrally maintain a public repository folder for some of the more popular profiles that currently work or have worked in the past.

PUBLIC PROFILE FOLDER (note: you need winscrape to edit these profiles)

VIEW THE PUBLIC FOLDER README (note: you are strongly advised to view the readme)

WinHoldem knows how to automatically download some of the files in the public folder. You can see which profiles are auto-copied by viewing the file profiles.txt. We do change the default profiles list periodically depending on the popularity of the site. You can redownload the default profiles at any time with a simple menu click on
WinHoldEm menu Install/Profiles

If your favorite site is not found in the public folder or the public folder profile does not work on your system or you want fully audited profiles then you will need to find a profile mechanic. You can find a list of capable profile mechanics on the resellers page here:

Your other option is to learn how to use winscrape and be your own profile mechanic.

WINSCRAPE.EXE (note: you must have a valid winholdem license to use winscrape)

If you want to learn how to use winscrape yourself then you can do that here:

WINSCRAPE USERS FORUM (note: winscrape is for advanced users)

If you need live help right now then you can buy that here:

WINSCRAPE SUPPORT (note: we no longer provide free profile support)

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