WinHoldEm - Release Notes

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2007-Dec-07 12:09:42 - Release notes
- stakes lock confirm dialog shortened to fit within wh analysis view
- added symbol cache feature to bypass redundant symbol calculations
- added user selected dll's
- added Symbol Cache option to analyzer submenu
- this option is saved in the registry as symbol_cache
- added DLL Select item
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
- scnhit - total number of symbol resolutions from the cache (more is better)
- scnmiss - total number of symbol recalculations (less is better)
- scnused - total number of symbol records in the cache
- scage - the incrementing age of the cache

2007-Nov-30 15:02:10 - Release notes
- nplayersblind not being recognized
- window title text blinds values with commas not being scanned correctly
- window title text blinds values with decimals not being scanned correctly
- added Select Window item to the file menu
- see the winholdem advance release notes documentation thread here: HERE
isbring indicator added to upper left corner of the wh tableview
- see the winscrape advance release notes documentation thread here: HERE
- Tools menu
-- added whscraper dialog item
-- Regions submenu:
--- added set color
--- added set radius
--- added duplicate
- Toolbar
-- added whscraper dialog item
- Data Region editor
-- added regions transform types: Text0, Text1, Text2, Text3
-- removed transforum type: Text (now defaults to Text0)
- Data Font/Text editor
-- added text group buttons: Text0, Text1, Text2, Text3
- Data Symbol Editor
-- added text group types: t0type, t1type, t2type, t3type
- WinHoldem Wizard dialog
-- added chip proximity dialog report to the rehash chips procuedure
- Hashing
-- added new hashtype avg32 for use with fuzzy chip regions with a non-zero color radius

2007-Sep-12 22:33:50 - Release notes
bugfix - pds stack not working when players bust or sitout
added pds logging option to the pds menu
(see the ppro client release notes for details)

2007-Sep-01 16:57:12 - Release notes
updated to current ppro server pds protocol
new protocol corrects a timing issue when pds stack method is selected

2007-Aug-02 12:15:14 - Release notes
bugfix - ror symbol values incorrect when variance is 0
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
chair$abc - player abc chair number (0-9); -1 if not found
chairbit$abc - player abc chairbit (1 << chair$abc) ; 0 if not found
the tables stakes sanity check will now allow the sb to be equal to the bb
the previous behavior refused to engage tables such as 1c/1c/2c fixed limit

2007-Jun-27 13:21:25 - Release notes
the autoplayer will now decline to click at 0,0
and it will log a "missing" message when the following regions are not found by the scraper:
sit in/out
alli handle
alli slider
new pds menu added - see the ppro client release notes for details
added dialog prompt (yes/no) when new version release is detected
yes will update as normal
no will exit
this will allow wh to startup in less than a second
added dialog prompt (yes/no) for profiles update from the central folder
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
seatposition - your seat position relative to the dealer

2007-Jun-01 19:05:36 - Release notes
bugfix - analysis text is still 2 colors instead of 4.
bugfix - user frame shots not happening - button stays pressed.
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
playersseatedbits // bit list for seated players
playersactivebits // bit list for active players
playersblindbits // bit list for active players (previously released)
nplayersseated // `playersseatedbits
nplayersactive // `playersactivebits
nplayersblind // `playersblindbits
opponentsseatedbits // bit list for seated opponents
opponentsactivebits // bit list for active opponents
opponentsblindbits // bit list for blind opponents
nopponentsseated // `opponentsseatedbits
nopponentsactive // `opponentsactivebits
nopponentsblind // `opponentsblindbits
friendsseatedbits // bit list for seated friend
friendsactivebits // bit list for active friend
friendsblindbits // bit list for blind friend
nfriendsseated // `friendsseatedbits
nfriendsactive // `friendsactivebits
nfriendsblind // `friendsblindbits
r$pXseated - should resolve true when chair X is seated and false otherwise
- additional keywords recognized: "seated" "unseated"
r$pXactive - should resolve true when chair X is active and false otherwise
- additional keywords recognized: "active" "inactive"
support for both vertical and horizontal swag sliders.
the mode is determined by the shape of the slider
wide and short = horizontal
tall and thin = vertical
horizontal sliders are left to right by default
vertical sliders are bottom to top by default
added confirmation option for network selection dialog (default is first listed)
player names and balances will be erased on hand reset

2007-Apr-21 09:16:17 - Release notes
f$formulas.whf is now obsolete
the name of the extended formulas file is now the same as the main .whf file
except that the file extension is .whx and not .whf
if you load the formula file abc.whf
then wh will look for your
extended formulas in the file abc.whx
(the previous behavior was to look for f$formulas.whf)
added submenu Confirmations with items License and Chair
you can now disable the license confirm and the chair confirm
the tableview 2 color cards have been replaced with 4 color cards

2007-Apr-16 23:10:19 - Release notes
bugfix - non-zero value for f$swag preventing a different manual override
bugfix - limit type not being reported correctly
bugfix - table type (cash/tourn) not being reported correctly
bugfix - round 3 and 4 bet sizes always being set for fixed limit
bugfix - client side hh table# line reporting incorrect stakes during tournaments
client side hh keyword for limit changed from "Limit" to "FixedLimit"
small cosmetic changes to the table selection dialog
added start call into process_message (message="event" param="load")
added final call into process_message (message="event" param="unload")

2007-Feb-15 11:40:01 - Release notes
multiplexor stack corruption in rare cases
pcbits npcbits not reporting correct value in rare cases
nstraightflush nstraightflushcommon nstraightflushfill nstraightflushfillcommon
these symbols were reporting incorrect values for certain hole/flop conditions
(mostly they are looking only at tsuit which is incorrect)
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
bit0 - true when fold button is seen
bit1 - true when call/chec button is seen
bit2 - true when bet/rais button is seen
bit3 - true when alli mechanism is seen
ismyturn - (myturnbits & 7)
ishandupcommon - true when the pokervalcommon has gained a level from the previous round
sraimin - now defaults to the largest bet on the table
player determined shuffline (PDS) implemented
sraimin will now track the largest raise for the current round

2006-Nov-01 12:57:56 - Release notes
- sitename$ only seeing first 3 specific characters
- ppro site name not being reported (e.g. sitename$ppro is false)
- versus /vhelp help text typo(s)
- versus command line not accepting the low endpoint of a hand range
- (e.g. /v aa-22 ... aa-33 is reported but 22 is not)
- pcbits not correctly reporting a participating player ace for low end straights
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
session - the current wh logging instance (0-9)
isbring - true when a bring client window is detected
if present these settings override the system settings
swagdelay - millisecond delay between swag keystrokes and button click
allidelay - millisecond delay between alli slider jam and button click
the site specific settings override these system values
swag_delay - millisecond delay between swag keystrokes and button click
alli_delay - millisecond delay between alli slider jam and button click
if you do nothing then the internal defaults will remain at 700
Autoplayer Delay text change to Frame Delay
SWAG Delay item added
ALLI Delay item added

2006-Jul-05 16:11:50 - Release notes
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
ante - the current pre-deal ante requirement
lim - the current table limit 0=NL 1=PL 2=FL
isnl - (lim==0)
ispl - (lim==1)
isfl - (lim==2)
sraiprev - the difference between the two largest unique wagers
sraimin - the greater of bet and sraiprev
sraimax - (balance-call)
istournament - true if a tournament table is detected
stack0 - stack9 - sorted playersplaying balances from 0=biggest to 9=smallest
nclockspersecond - number of cpu clocks per second
ncps - number of cpu clocks per second
added new code that should reduce symbol resolution time by at least a factor of 2.
added title text indicator display for total number of clocks per calculation
the value is given in millions of clocks

2006-Jun-03 10:22:39 - Release notes
the old internal scrapers are now disabled.
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
nchairs - the numeric value for profile symbol s$nchairs
- site symbol definition change
0 = user/ppro
1 = uniscraper
note that the old site values for the old scrapers will be invalid.
if you need to differentiate by specific site then you must reference
the unsicraper sitename value with sitename$abc as described above.
- allin balance
the holdem scraper will now accept the following text balances as zero balances:
- c0potA...
an 11th common pot has been added to the list of known names.
the engine will scrape the c0potA regions the same as c0pot0 - c0pot9.
the A pot being the hexadecimal digit for 10 (which is the 11th pot 0-A)
this is needed for sites that place a central pot and have up to 10 alternate
locations for the individual side pots (typically situated near each chair).
- irregular chip stack placement
the holdem scraper will now support irregular chip stack placement (e.g. fulltilt)
and not just vector placement - irregular placement means that chip stacks can be
situated anywhere and the engine will be able to find them as long as you create the necessary regions.
you will be required to provide the base chip region for each irregularly placed stack.
- sitename$abc
the engine will now cache the profile value for s$sitename.
you will be able to query the internal profile name using the symbol prefix
the symbol will be true if the text that follows the $ sign appears anywhere within profile sitename symbol.
the collation is case insensitive
note that the uniscraper maximum number of characters for s$ values is 255;
but the max usable text length is 31 characters for the purpose of sitename$abc
- anti-spam regions
the i9 region will no longer be used for anti-spam
this only applies to the pacific888 central profile
as well as any other home grown profiles that are using i9
the following interface region numbers will be dedicated for spam removal
86, 860-869
basically any region beginning with i86
you should change any i9 regions to i86 regions
auto profile updates
all centrally supported profiles will now be automatically updated whenever winholdem is updated.
this is facilited with a new registry value that remembers the current wh datetime value.
this will only be done once after which you will need to manually update your profiles if they should change.
click wh menu install/profiles at your leisure.
unscraper on/off option removed - the uniscraper is now always active/enabled.

2006-May-13 13:34:43 - Release notes
added color depth notice for 24bit color
action delay time increase after swagging or sliding to allow some sites
to catch up to the events - this condition is seen most often at fulltilt.
replay frames will now be saved as the full 32bit frame with zero loss of information written
this will require 1.6mb per frame instead of the previous 1.2mb for 24bit.
but it will save about 7million clocks of cpu in avoiding the stepdown conversion from 32bit to 24bit.
the uniscraper option will now be on by default for all customers
regardless of your setting in the registry.
you will be able to disable it on a temporary per launch basis until about jun-1.
- color distance is now a 3d calculation (instead of the previous 4d)
- this increases the chances that profiles will work on 24bit systems

2006-May-05 11:21:36 - Release notes
wh/uniscraper preferring p name/balance values over the u name/balance values
formulas being evaluated even after folding out of the hand
uniscraper option is now enabled by default for new installs
added profiles update item that will download the latest profiles
the autoplayer will log all f$play actions (active, autopost, leave)
the old scrapers will go away on or before 2006-JUN-06 06:06:06 (d-day)

2006-Apr-26 14:24:54 - Release notes
the replay system had a slow resource leak
manual/live transitions causing resource leak
playersblindbits not working with ppro
finalanswer order of formula evaluation changed
from f$alli,f$rais,f$call,f$swag
to f$alli,f$swag,f$rais,f$call
formulas are no longer continuously evaluated while analysis is running
bestaction will get determined after analysis has finished
the scraping process is now fully frame based
- the entire image is first copied to an internal buffer
- and the engine then acquires the game state from the static image
the replay system now uses the exact same image frame that was used to acquire the game state
see the option menu for the uniscraper item
R+ R- buttons removed - you can modify the rake with mouse clicks
Reanalyze button added - this will force the analysis engine to make another run
Frameshot button added - this will mark the current frame for replay save
added table view size for 5-chair
the engine will now allow a bigbet value equal to the bigblind
- you can select the value for big bet on the manual menu stakes submenu
- the small blind is still required to be less than the bigblind
uniscraper item added - this toggles between the old internal scraper(s) and the new uniscraper engine
load table profile item added - you can manually select a target site/table profile
the forum url has been updated to
support added for new bring client direct messaging protocol
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
elapsed1970 - number of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 GMT (THR)
swagtextmethod - 1=rais 2=rais+call 3=rais+call+currentbet
- this symbol is defined by the active uniscraper profile
- see the forum notes and docs on the uniscraper

2006-Mar-07 22:22:21 - Release notes
fix for landings on some of the party tables

2006-Mar-01 22:14:09 - Release notes
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
playersblindbits - bits 9-0: 1=blind 0=notblind
ron$/run$ - preflop values are now available
Party client size must be max 790x550
bugfix - party check button not being seen

2006-Feb-22 15:45:56 - Release notes
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
currentbet0 ... currentbet9 - active wager for chair/player
the text portion of the frame is now saved in .htm format
the .txt files have been deprecated and can be deleted

2006-Feb-21 12:27:10 - Release notes
the window list report dialog now includes:
- the client window size for each desktop window
- the list of target site client sizes
new replay sub menu added
- active - turns replay on/off
- max frames - allows you to select the max saved frames per session (10-1000)
see the forum notes for more details on whreplay.exe

2006-Feb-18 17:50:36 - Release notes
fix for fulltilt sng 6 chair tables being seen as 9 chairs
fix for party upgrade
ror calculations will now use your balance if your bankroll setting is 0
the hand list address is now published to the .dll
(see the forum notes for more info)
the mechanism for enumerating window lists is now microsoft compliant
the ppro-sites.ini is now downloaded if it doesn't exist
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
balance0 ... balance9 - balance for specific chair/player
handrankp - (handrank2652 / (1+nopponents))
stable frame criteria change from (nopponentsdealt>=1) to (nplayersdealt>=2)
the following calculations have been moved to the beginning of the iterator thread
versus, prwinnow, nouts, ron$/run$
these calculations typically require up to 1 second

2006-Feb-03 12:26:32 - Release notes
bugfix - formula parser refusing formula names longer than 31 bytes
bugfix - ppro autosite not always pressing autoplay
scraper - fix for new ub auto buttons

2006-Jan-30 17:47:38 - Release notes
ppro - menu
- autosite dialog - allows winholdem to quickly engage at ppro sites
- autoseat setting - automatic reseating at ladder tables
- autochat delay - controls the number of seconds between random comments
(view forum notes)
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
nouts - the total number of unknown cards that might put your hand in the lead

2006-Jan-14 22:44:22 - Release notes
bugfix - hands with no small blind causing late hand reset
added blinds lock/unlock notification
several new protocol messages
new table selection dialog has tournament column
new optional sound file - nexthand.wav - on hand reset

2005-Dec-21 21:43:30 - Release notes
buffix - symbol references islist8 - islist31 missing
bugfix - dealpositionrais incorrect when user dealt before the raising chair
bugfix - ppro sessions processing multiple hand resets and filling the logs
bugfix - round1 history sometimes incorrect due to faulty hand resets
bugfix - hand resets sometimes being missed or processed multiple times
bugfix - dll seeing delayed hand resets
bugfix - wh could sometimes crash when trying to display text names and balances
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
handnumber - the site hand number if available (negative values are scraper simulated)
many enhancements and improvements
betting circles event control changes
LEFT-CLICK - check or call depending on the game state
SHIFT-LEFT-CLICK - call or rais depending on the game state
MACROS - additional support for fold,chec,call,rais events
please see the forum notes for more details
several new messages added
table reset, hand reset, roundx and alerts for odd blinds and new stakes
removed refresh button - the action is available on the view menu
added hand reset button - enabled in manual mode, disabled otherwise
changed table reset button - enabled in manual mode, disabled otherwise
the A button will not be enabled until the scraper sees the beginning of a hand
you should confirm and lock in the correct table stakes for ring games
press CTRL-LEFT-CLICK on the table stakes text to access the lock
friend chairs now always shows as green including user chair
friend chairs text background now slightly gray
added visual indication for active status (white circle - ppro only)

2005-Dec-06 10:04:15 - Release notes
bugfix - party cardbacks occluded by very tall chipstacks
bugfix - party chair4 not detected on 9-chair tables
bugfix - party 1c chip not being seen
new and improved (faster) pokerval function will reduce iterator time
number of hand lists increased to 32
empty hand lists are no longer saved in formula files
hand list dialog modified with 32 buttons
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
friendsdealtbits - bits 9-0: 1=dealt 0=notdealt
playersdealtbits - bits 9-0: 1=dealt 0=notdealt
opponentsdealtbits - bits 9-0: 1=dealt 0=notdealt
friendsplayingbits - bits 9-0: 1=playing 0=notplaying
playersplayingbits - bits 9-0: 1=playing 0=notplaying
opponentsplayingbits - bits 9-0: 1=playing 0=notplaying
fbits - flag button bits 9-0 - 1=pressed 0=notpressed
new winholdem console window feature - see the forum docs for details
added console item to view menu
new headsup analysis tool - see the forum docs for details
added versus item to option menu
install folder counts file whvs1v1.bin required
frame delay is now reset to zero when the autoplayer takes action
frame delay setting is now registry setting
added nplayersplaying value to stable state definition
added pot value to stable state definition
client side hand history logging is now supported
ppro folder added to install folder
added hhlogging option to ppro menu
site selection dialog added for use with optional install folder file ppro-sites.ini
download ppro-sites.ini
client/server protocol version detection added
new ppro server required
enhanced server side occlusion alarm support added
(new bring version required)
winholdem logs now record HAND RESET events
added notication dialog when gold name plates are detected

2005-Nov-01 16:51:06 - Release notes
bugfix - stars user balance color incorrect
bugfix - hand multiplexor not sorting player cards
bugfix - pacific tournament tables not being recognized
added name scraping - see the forum for more help howto
dll$wait - autoplayer will refuse to act while this symbol is true
delay - number of frames 0-9 to delay before the autoplayer will act
delay item added to the autoplayer menu
scrape names item added
ocrdb submenu added
max opponents (nopponentsmax) item added to analyzer menu
window submenu renamed to game
player submenu added
view balances moved to player submenu
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
nopponentsmax - maximum allowable value for nopponents (1-22 default=9)
dealpositionrais - the deal position of the raising player (1-10)
betpositionrais - the bet position of the raising player (1-10)
added nopponentsmax
added scrape_names
added view_names
added autoplay_delay

2005-Oct-03 11:32:43 - Release notes
bugfix - formulas not loading correctly when text body is too short
bugfix - f$$XXx hand multiplexor not resolving after round 1
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
isfinalanswer - true when formula results will be used by the autoplayer; false any other time.
callposition - your numbered offset from the raising player (who is 0)
bankroll - the user defined real world bankroll
callror - the statistical risk of ruin for call decision
raisror - the statistical risk of ruin for rais decision
srairor - the statistical risk of ruin for srai decision
alliror - the statistical risk of ruin for alli decision
callmean - the statistical mean for call decision
raismean - the statistical mean for rais decision
sraimean - the statistical mean for srai decision
allimean - the statistical mean for alli decision
callvariance - the statistical variance for call decision
raisvariance - the statistical variance for rais decision
sraivariance - the statistical variance for srai decision
allivariance - the statistical variance for alli decision
added bankroll dialog to the analyzer sub-menu
f$srai - the desired stated elevating raise amount above call
note that this formula is referenced internally by the analyzer
this happens when resolving symbols: srairor, sraimean, sraivariance
circular references will crash winholdem
- fixed stars balance recognition
- fixed ub split fold/show button issue
some headsup tables will now use the 10 chair view
added a 6 chair view
added channel server selection dialog
added wintellem.ini server connection info file
additional forum notes
file whserv.ipp is deprecated and will no longer be downloaded at startup
there is now a short pause between a swag/alli and the executing button press
the autoplayer will refuse to act if there is less than 2 action buttons seen
full tilt is now supported - site number 6.
the swag adjust is (currentbet+call)

2005-Aug-11 00:40:19 - Release notes
- fixed stars table recognition for winxp
- fixed stars table recognition for 10,9,6,2 chairs
- fixed stars balance recognition
- fixed paradise balance recognition for long player names
- fixed ultimatebet - ncommoncardspresent reporting wrong value
- elapsedauto will now reset upon engaging/disengaging the autoplayer
- updated dialog list of supported sites

2005-Aug-05 21:11:22 - Release notes
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- didswag - true if userchair swag'd during current round
-- didswaground1 - true if userchair swag'd during round1
-- didswaground2 - true if userchair swag'd during round2
-- didswaground3 - true if userchair swag'd during round3
-- didswaground4 - true if userchair swag'd during round4
- added network selection dialog when multiple adapters are enabled
- added network information dialog
- added bring synchonization code for mouse and keyboard
- you must install the latest version of bring for this feature

2005-Jul-31 09:22:59 - Release notes
- f$swag modified - change announcement posted on users forum
-- scraper beep button removed from toolbar to an option menu item
-- swag manual action override button added between Bet and ALLIN
-- 1 cent rounding now automatically forced for both manual swag amounts and autoplay swag amount
-- you can still see the raw unrounded f$swag value by calculating the value in the formula editor
- AUTOPLAYER - modified - autoplayer flow control
- f$swag formula added to the primary group;
- f$swag added to the primary .whf file group.
- f$swag tab added to the formula editor primary tab group
- f$formulas.whf
-- any existing formula named f$swag that exists in f$formulas.whf will be ignored
- WH.LOG changes
-- manual override asterisk * indicator added after the play signal
-- manual override swag amount added to the far right
-- note that this amount will only appear if it differs from the f$swag formula result
-- new option menu item to enable/disable the new occlusion alarm
-- if the occlusion alarm is enabled then
-- if at any time any window occludes the poker window then
-- winholdem will attempt to play the local sound file - occluded.wav
-- if the file does not exist then the standard system beep will sound

2005-Jul-25 23:35:54 - Release notes
bugfix - nbetsround1 could get read as the win amount for the previous hand
- evcall - has been changed to f$evcall
- evrais - has been changed to f$evrais
- normalcall - is no longer valid - use f$call_default
- noramlrais - is no longer valid - use f$rais_default
- normalalli - is no longer valid - use f$alli_default
- normalplay - is no longer valid
- defaultcall - is no longer valid - use f$call_default
- defaultrais - is no longer valid - use f$rais_default
- defaultalli - is no longer valid - use f$alli_default
- defaultplay - is no longer valid
- paradise balance is now available while pocket cards are present
- f$call, f$rais, f$alli, f$play, f$P , f$test are now fully referencable
- f$swag - this is the official optional specific/stated wager named formula
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
- elapsedtoday - total number of seconds since midnight GMT
- column header 169 changed to rank
- column header ITk changed to nitk
- new best action value for f$swag shown as the actual dollar amount
- new action result SWAG show under the play column
- added FcCRA visible button indicators to the right of balance
- added FCRA formula result indiactors to the right of the button indicators
- added the f$swag result to the right of the formula result indicators
- ppro sessions are now logged
- new best action value for f$swag shown as the actual dollar amount

2005-Jul-20 01:50:05 - Release notes
bugfix - wh not finding some site windows under winxp
bugfix - wh unpressing the Autoplayer button when the blinds reset
dialog box notification if you attempt to engage the autoplayer when the blinds are invalid

2005-Jul-19 01:43:33 - Release notes
bugfix - wh not seeing UB tables on solo system
bugfix - wh could see incorrect site in rare cases
bugfix - numeric amounts were being formatted incorrectly
- the word table has been replaced with abbreviated site name
- added dialog report to show all visible desktop windows seen by wh
SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
- isppro - true when you are connected to a ppro server (site will be 0)
- site - 0=user 1=paradise 2=stars 3=party 4=ultimate 5=pacific
- dialog changed to hint at when the utoplayer button will be enabled
- autoplay button will now be enabled sooner
-- your chair must be known and confirmed
-- the blinds must be known and sane (0 < sblind< bblind < bigbet)
-- at least 2 action buttons must be seen
WARNING: this is a convenience only. engaging the autoplayer in the
middle of a hand may cause your bot to misbehave if your formulas heavily depend
on history symbols from previous rounds. it is best to wait for the start of
the next hand before unattended autoplay
- the button will be disabled while connected to ppro
- you must disconnect from ppro and re-enter manual mode first
- new poker site recognition code is faster and more reliable
- will now update and refresh the wh title bar
- the connect menu item will be disabled while connected to a poker client window
-- you must re-enter manual mode (big red button) first
- $ sign removed from player balances to gain space
- $ sign for common/player pot amounts retained
- 0 values will show as 0 or $0
- money values less than $1 will display as 1c to 99c
- non-whole dollar amount more than 99c will display as 99999.99
- whole millions will display as 99m
- whole thousands will display as 99k
- all other whole dollar amounts will display as 99
- pacific poker is now supported by the scraper and autoplayer
-- see the user forum for remaining known issues
- full spec wagers are postponed due to priority bugfix release
- planned deprecations are postponed

2005-Jul-13 20:18:14 - Release notes
bugfix - mfc 4.2 file selection dialog was crashing under win xp pro sp2
bugfix - rake not being displayed correctly after formula loaded
bugfix - wh0.log file install artifact on desktop
bugfix - NewFormula.whf was being deleted when changing install folders
- added connection info to invalid license notification
- added notify dialog before folder selection dialog appears
- the confirm folder change notification is now more readable
- balances, pots, stakes display in (k) units for large amounts
- only 2 of 3 visible action buttons required to validate user chair
-- this was an annoyance if you happened to catch only 2 buttons the first hand
- only 2 of 3 visible action buttons required for autoplayer action
-- in rare cases this was causing timeouts due to timing issues
- ultimate bet is now supported by the scraper and autoplayer
-- see the user forum for remaining known issues
- full spec wagers are postponed due to priority bugfix release
- planned deprecations are postponed

2005-Jul-06 20:54:19 - Release notes
-- new code will lower the probability of mouse collisions when playing multiple tables across 2 machines
-- new text entry code added to support nolimit specified wagering
-- added support for text wager field
-- resolved the paradise scraper issues after recent update
-- new notes section added
-- f$formulas.whf will now be saved when the current formula is saved
-- bugfix - dollar $ and underscore _ not recognized in named formulas
-- the official names for evcall and evrais are now f$evcall and f$evrais
-- the old names will be deprecated in next release so change to the new names asap
-- added dialog notification when the old names are detected
-- new notes tab added
-- new button added EditAll to toggle extended formulas on/off
-- EditAll is disabled if there are no formulas in f$formulas.whf
-- APPLY is required before toggling EditAll off
-- the formula editor will now close any time you open a formula file
-- OK and APPLY buttons are now enabled/disabled with editor changes
-- APPLY is now required after a Reset or ResetAll
-- manual ALLIN override will now prompt for a specified text wager amount
-- the amount specified will be entered into the text wager field
-- press CANCEL or OK with a zero amount to ignore the feature
-- added dialog notification for incorrect license server replies
-- PKEY field is now wider to accomodate larger fonts

2005-May-31 16:09:13 - Release notes
- bufgix - autoplayer not leaving ppro table on play formula result (-2)
- nit - number of iterations tested by the wh analyzer(s)
-- .whf is now the official default file extension for winholdem formula files
-- winholdem will still read the old binary .dat format but will no longer write it
-- all formula files are now assumed to be standard text format (except for the old .dat files)
-- f$formulas.txt has been renamed to f$formulas.whf (please rename your existing file)
-- you will get an advisory dialog if you attempt to read/write a formula file without the .whf extension
-- if you open an old .dat file, winholdem will add the .whf extension to the file name
-- rake symbol added to the standard formula file
-- nit symbol added to the standard formula file
-- all standard formula names now have a prepended f$
-- all formula editor tabs now have a prepended f$
- SOUND sound files
-- sitin.wav - will sound when your play formula decides to sitin
-- sitout.wav - will sound when your play formula decides to sitout
-- leave.wav - will sound when your play formula decides to leave the table
-- the userchair box will now change colors depending on the sit in/out state
-- dialog notification added for invalid pkey and macaddress
-- maxit - is no longer used and has been replaced by the nit symbol saved inside the .whf
- WHUSER.DLL whuser.h.
-- two new bit fields added to the player structure
-- m_name_known (0=no 1=yes)
-- m_balance_known (0=no 1=yes)
-- these values will be 0 when the scraper was unable to determine the value for this frame
-- the value fields will still continue to hold the previously known values

2005-May-21 11:11:20 - Release notes
- bugfix - formula editor truncating beyond 32,000 characters
- bugfix - internal formula operand stack overflow for expressions with more than 128 chained conditionals
- bugfix - immediate symbol call from .dll could crash winholdem before init completed
- bugfix - incorrect sit-in/out state seen due to end-user off white background color settings
- bugfix - paradise chair8 not seen correctly
- Install Menu
-- added whuser.dll load/unload action
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
- prevaction - record of previously attempted autoplayer action (0=chec 1=call 2=rais 4=alli)

2005-May-05 23:53:35 - Release notes
- new symbols
-- bet1 - bet amount for round 1
-- bet2 - bet amount for round 2
-- bet3 - bet amount for round 3
-- bet4 - bet amount for round 4
- scraper
-- player balances are now being cleared on scraper reset
-- player names are now being cleared on scraper reset
- manual mode
-- the initial position of userchair is now considered to be half way between chair 9 and chair 0
-- the very first <+H> will move userchair to chair 0
-- the very first <-H> will move userchair to chair 9
-- the previous behavior treated the initial chair position as chair 9 even though the chair box was not shown.
-- double check your manual mode macros.
- ppro mode
-- bugfix - history symbols not getting updated in ppro mode
-- bugfix - end of game message not being processed for ppro mode
-- banker messages now labeled as banker and not dealer
-- chair number will default to existing last digit in username when sitting down
-- scraper reset is now only done on goto table/lobby

2005-Apr-24 19:21:29 - Release notes
- Poker Professional (ppro)
-- menu options are now available in winholdem pro edition
-- the ppro menu has been moved from the team menu to the wh main menu
-- connection info has been added to the wh title bar
-- the ppro interface and menu items have been entirely revised
- named formulas - wh will look in the install folder for file f$formulas.txt
-- the general file format is the same as the standard wh text formula file style
-- formula names are enclosed inside ## -- the file is autoloaded before wh loads any formula file
-- you may define up to 255 named formulas
-- names must begin with f$
-- max name length is 63 characters including the f$
-- non conforming names are completely ignored with no error notification
- WH Window
-- an iconified wh window will now restore itself to the display when entering manual mode

2005-Apr-06 11:25:21 - Release notes
- bugfix - defcon not reading correctly from .txt format formula files
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- elapsedhand - number of seconds since the end of the previous hand
-- elapsedauto - number of seconds since the autoplayer took action
-- randomhand - persistent random number for hand
-- randomround - persistent random number for the current round
-- randomround1 - persistent random number for round1
-- randomround2 - persistent random number for round2
-- randomround3 - persistent random number for round3
-- randomround4 - persistent random number for round4
-- nchairsdealtleft - number of chairs dealt after you including the dealer
-- nchairsdealtright - number of chairs dealt before you (not including the dealer)
- PLAY FORMULA - new default play-formula.
-- result value of (-2) will cause the autoplayer to press the leave table button and ok the dialog

2005-Mar-13 10:50:55 - Release notes
- bugfix - formula editor choking on consecutive decimals ".."
- bugfix - .txt format formula files not loading correctly
- scraper - stars player balance occluded by player cards
-- (player balance is now being scraped from upper left corner)
- scraper - stars chair8 dealer button not being seen correctly

2005-Feb-01 11:44:18 - Release notes
- fix - pokerstars autoplayer could sometimes click same scanline
- autoplayer - new button pressing technique that mimics human ergonomics
- menu - team menu moved to far right
- dialog - invalid license dialog is now more informative
- mylicense.txt - now logs license server validation results
- formula.txt - new text output/input format for formula sets
-- formula files ending in ".txt" will be interpreted as plain text format
-- click SaveAs and select a file name ending in ".txt"
-- please make good backups of your .dat files before converting to .txt format
- pkey - character ':' and '$' are no longer used
-- ':' has been replaced with 'i' and '$' has been replaced with 'S'
-- winholdem will auto fixup any old format keys for you

2004-Nov-15 12:24:08 - Release notes
- bugfix - winholdem could crash when it finds a 2nd winholdem window
- bugfix - unary operators not correctly processing right to left
- bugfix - unary plus was causing error
- featurefix - new tables stakes control
-- left click on stakes to change the bblind (small stake)
-- left click on small blind to change the small blind
-- control left click on stakes/sblind to toggle the lock
-- shift left click to double the stakes/blinds
-- added display resolution notice
-- left click view / analyzer / handrank - 169, 1326, 2652, 1000
--- this selects the handrank analysis column
-- handrank type added
-- formula_x added
-- formula_y added
-- formula_dx added
-- formula_dy added
-- resolution_notice added
-- debug buttons states added
-- horizontal scroll bar added
-- new hot key added - ALT-C - Calculate
-- new symbol added - e - Natural Log Base
-- new operator added - ln - Natural Log
-- new numeric constant types:
--- 0x hexadecimal (example 0x7fa315)
--- 0o octal (example 0o25123657)
--- 0q quadal (example 0q123123)
--- 0b binary (example 0b100011001)
-- new edit tab added - debug - allows expression evaluation on a single line
-- DEBUG TAB (special formula tab where the result of each line is displayed in the leftmost columns)
--- added < > buttons to decrease/increase result field width
--- added + - buttons to increase/decrease result precision
--- added . button to enable/disable fixed precision
--- added | button to enable/disable fixed width
--- added Auto button to enable/disable automatic calculation once per scraper cycle
-- new default call formula (same as previous with added options)
-- new default rais formula (same as previous with added options)
-- new default evcall formula (same as previous with added options)
-- new default evrais formula (same as previous with added options)
-- new default play formula (different filter)
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- raisshort callshort + bet * nplayersplaying
-- nopponents - P formula value for the userchair iterator
-- nhands total possible number of two-card hands using the unseen cards (nhandshi+nhandslo+nhandsti)
-- nhandshi number of hands that can beat you in a showdown right now
-- nhandslo number of hands that you can beat in a showdown right now
-- nhandsti number of hands that can tie you in a showdown right now
-- prwinnow probability that all opponents have a lower hand right now
-- prlosnow probability that any opponents have a higher hand right now
-- handrank one of the following based on your selected option
-- handrank169 your pocket holdem hand rank 1-169 (see table)
-- handrank2652 your pocket holdem hand rank 12-2652 (see table)
-- handrank1326 your pocket holdem hand rank 6-1326 (handrank2652/2)
-- handrank1000 your pocket holdem hand rank 4-1000 (1000*handrank2652/2652)
-- rankbits bit list of card ranks (yours and commons)
-- rankbitscommon bit list of card ranks (commons)
-- rankbitsplayer bit list of card ranks (yours)
-- rankbitspoker bit list of card ranks (pokerval)
-- srankbits bit list of suited card ranks (yours and commons tsuit)
-- srankbitscommon bit list of suited card ranks (commons tsuitcommon)
-- srankbitsplayer bit list of suited card ranks (yours tsuit)
-- srankbitspoker bit list of suited card ranks (pokerval tsuit)
-- rankhi highest card rank (14-2) (yours and commons)
-- rankhicommon highest card rank (14-2) (commons)
-- rankhiplayer highest card rank (14-2) (yours)
-- rankhipoker highest card rank (14-2) (pokerval)
-- srankhi highest suited card rank (14-2) (yours and commons tsuit)
-- srankhicommon highest suited card rank (14-2) (commons tsuitcommon)
-- srankhiplayer highest suited card rank (14-2) (yours tsuit)
-- srankhipoker highest suited card rank (14-2) (pokerval tsuit)
-- ranklo lowest card rank (14-2) (yours and commons)
-- ranklocommon lowest card rank (14-2) (commons)
-- rankloplayer lowest card rank (14-2) (yours)
-- ranklopoker lowest card rank (14-2) (pokerval)
-- sranklo lowest suited card rank (14-2) (yours and commons tsuit)
-- sranklocommon lowest suited card rank (14-2) (commons tsuitcommon)
-- srankloplayer lowest suited card rank (14-2) (yours tsuit)
-- sranklopoker lowest suited card rank (14-2) (pokerval tsuit)
-- added browser link to supported sites page
-- added supported sites notice
-- added display depth notice
-- added display resolution notice

2004-Oct-25 00:17:12 - Release notes
- bugfix - nplayersdealt could get set to zero under the correct timing conditions
- bugfix - player balances on stars could get set to zero when sitting out
- bugfix - winholdem window position outside display bounds on startup
-- on close winholdem will first restore if it was minimized
-- new action button visual indicators - alli, rais, call, chec, fold
-- added elapsed symbol to control execution frequency
-- added *** alert *** message for invalid flop transitions
-- autoplayer will now remain disabled until your chair is validated
--- chair validation now occurs only at the start of a hand

2004-Oct-22 18:50:20 - Release notes
- bugfix - incorrect balances being reported on stars
- bugfix - betting circle locations for 9 chair tables on stars
- added balance indicators
-- manual mode control left click on indicator to modify
- added balance view toggle

2004-Oct-21 21:23:32 - Release notes
- bugfix - version update could crash on exit
- bugfix - didxxxx symbols were not being cleared on autoplayer reset
- bugfix - nbetsround symbols were not being cleared on autoplayer reset
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- didchecround1 - true if userchair checked during round1
-- didchecround2 - true if userchair checked during round2
-- didchecround3 - true if userchair checked during round3
-- didchecround4 - true if userchair checked during round4
-- didcallround1 - true if userchair called during round1
-- didcallround2 - true if userchair called during round2
-- didcallround3 - true if userchair called during round3
-- didcallround4 - true if userchair called during round4
-- didraisround1 - true if userchair raised during round1
-- didraisround2 - true if userchair raised during round2
-- didraisround3 - true if userchair raised during round3
-- didraisround4 - true if userchair raised during round4

2004-Oct-21 15:58:06 - Release notes
- bugfix - didxxxx symbols were not being cleared on reset
- bugfix - igm player balances and chair0 player bet
- bugfix - rare crash on close when connected to poker table
- bugfix - rare crash on exit for dual processor machines
- bugfix - winholdem repositioning offscreen whenever pokerwindow was minimized
- bugfix - winholdem still connected after winpull reset on dropped connection
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- potcommon - total amount of chips in the middle
-- potplayer - total amount of chips in front of all players
-- nbetsround1 - the largest number of bets in front of any player during round1
-- nbetsround2 - the largest number of bets in front of any player during round2
-- nbetsround3 - the largest number of bets in front of any player during round3
-- nbetsround4 - the largest number of bets in front of any player during round4
-- nbetsround - the largest number of bets in front of any player right now
-- max iterations added
-- macro string added
-- window position and size added
-- font size added
-- tableview state added
-- added new clear button that will erase the entire list
-- pot indicator/control removed
-- potcommon indicator/control added (left click to edit)
-- potplayer indicator added
-- macro control added
-- all symbols should now be available in manual mode
-- dealing common card will automatically move potplayer to potcommon
-- Betting Circles.
-- active player designated as larger white bet circle
-- folded players designated as red bet circle
-- blinds designated as light green circles
-- bets less than 1 bet shown as single dot '.'
-- check on userchair shown as dark gray
-- left click:
--- post small blind if it is first round and no bets are made
--- post big blind if it is first round and small blind is made
--- call if it is first round and blinds are made
--- bet after first round if no bets are made
--- call after first round if bets are made
-- shift left click (or second left click) will raise 1 bet
-- right click will reduce bet to zero (0) and reset didrais,didcall,didchec (or toggle didchec) on the userchair
-- control left click will open the bet selection dialog to select an exact amount (useful for NL)
-- macro button.
--- left click will execute the macro
--- right click will edit the macro
--- see the help page for macro usage

2004-Oct-10 16:52:58 - Release notes
- bugfix - small resource leak that caused winholdem to halt after several hours
- bugfix - small resource leak that caused winpush to exit after several hours
- bugfix - formula conversion for constants was 32bit and is now 64bit
- typo - small typo in setup wizard dialog text (call changed to rais)
- OPERATORS - NEW operators.
-- exponentiation ** (example: 3**2 is 9)

2004-Oct-6 15:32:33 - Release notes
- bugfix - fixed nopponentsbetting (was previously returning nopponentsplaying)
- bugfix - party player balances working correctly now
- bugfix - party chair0 bet amount working correctly now
- bugfix - party allin slider would not work sometimes
- bugfix - winholdem no longer crashes if winpull goes away
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- ismyturn - true when there is a button to press
-- issittingin - true when you are not being dealt out
-- issittingout - true when you are being dealt out
-- isautopost - true when you are autoposting blinds
-- isemptylistcall - true when the call list is not configured
-- isemptylistrais - true when the rais list is not configured
-- isemptylistalli - true when the alli list is not configured
-- added option/autoplayer/jam action to visibly test the allin slider without pressing the button
-- added a helper/wizard item to the option menu
--- this is a simple startup helper/wizard set of dialogs for the new user
-- added test for isemptylistcall to default calling cusp
--- this allows the rule to trigger only when the call list is empty
-- lowered the default calling cusp to (pot / nplayersdealt)
-- changed default defense level back to 5 (medium aggressive)
-- unknown user chair query added to editor startup
-- the helper wizard will run once for users that have not yet seen it

2004-Sep-28 14:26:56 - Release notes
- bugfix - fixed was crashing after several hours use due to resource leak.
-- the maximum parsed infix formula size is now 64k (it was 32k).
-- defcon default value changed to 10 (max defense)
-- new defaults for CALL, RAIS, ALLI, EVCALL, EVRAIS
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- callshort - total amount that will be added to the pot if all players call
-- nplayerscallshort - number of players that must call to stay in the hand
-- typedef for symbol function callback added
-- there is now support to access the wh symbols from the .dll
- DAT files -- symbol defcon is now saved with the formula set
- HELP menu
-- new link to online users forum
-- winholdem will now only install/run on WinNT or later.
-- display color depth (24bit or 32bit) validation and warning added

2004-Jul-16 10:37:41 - Release notes
- SYMBOLS - NEW symbols.
-- NOTE: these symbols are not available in manual mode.
-- nplayersround1 - number of players that began betting round 1 (deal)
-- nplayersround2 - number of players that began betting round 2 (flop)
-- nplayersround3 - number of players that began betting round 3 (turn)
-- nplayersround4 - number of players that began betting round 4 (river)
-- nplayersround - number of players that began the current betting round
-- the field m_dealer_chair has now been properly documented in the header file.
-- the maximum parsed infix formula size is now 32k (it was 16k).
-- winholdem will now refuse to run if the internal checksum is inconsistent.

2004-Jun-30 16:51:59 - Release notes
- new symbols.
-- didchec - true if the autoplayer has checked during current round
-- didcall - true if the autoplayer has called during current round
-- didrais - true if the autoplayer has raised during current round
- NOTE: these symbols require the winholdem pro edition or higher.

2004-Jun-26 16:47:12 - Release notes
-- default call formula changed to rule based format with comments
-- default rais formula changed to rule based format with comments
-- default alli formula changed to rule based format with comments
-- default play formula changed to rule based format with comments
--- note that the play formula is still disabled with (-1) by default
--- this does not affect your existing formulas
--- you can press the reset button in the formula editor to see the new defaults
-- the winholdem ai can now be extended to an end-user provided module WHUSER.DLL
-- WHUSER.DLL Help Page
-- programmers can now write their own poker playing logic in native C/C++ compiled code.

2004-Jun-4 8:53:12 - Release notes
-- nstraightfill - total number of cards needed to fill a straight (0-5)
-- nstraightfillcommon - total number of cards needed to fill a common straight (0-5)
Note that the definition of nstraightfill has been changed. It was previously the same as nstraightfillcommon. You should verify your formula logic if you are currently using nstraightfill. Mostly likely you simply need to rename all instances of nstraightfill to nstraightfillcommon.

2004-Jun-1 18:26:27 - Release notes
-- added File/New menu item
-- added File/Open menu item
-- added File/Save menu item
-- added File/Save As menu item
-- added Most Recently Used Files menu items (10 max)
-- default file extension is now .dat
-- default new file name is NewFormula
-- you can now save to any formula file name you want
-- you can now load any formula file from any location on your system
-- added block oriented C style comments
--- example: /* this is a block comment */
-- added line oriented C++ style comments
--- example: // this is a line comment
-- disabled forced load of winholdem.dat on program startup
-- disabled forced save of winholdem.dat on program close
-- last formula file used is now autoloaded on startup (this is not necessarily winholdem.dat)
-- if the mru list is empty then winholdem will try and load winholdem.dat
-- if winholdem.dat is not found then the default formula set will be used
-- the current open formula document is now displayed to the left
-- other title info (including user selected title text) now appears to the right of the document name
-- the word WinHoldEm no longer appears in the title unless it is part of the formula document name
--- (this provides a friendlier startup for party players)

2004-Mar-29 13:53:07 - Release notes
- bugfix - pcbits will only raised when your cards actually offer value to the hand
-- the previous behavior could raise a card bit when your card didnt have to participate
- bugfix - ncardsbetter could report an incorrect value for certain hands
- new symbols.
-- ncardsknown - total number of cards you can see (yours and common)
-- ncardsunknown - total number of cards you cannot see (deck and opponents)
-- ncardsbetter - total number of single unknown cards that can beat you.
-- nstraightfill - total number of cards needed to fill a common straight (helps detect gutshots situations)
- removed toolbar icons: connect,observer,sharereset.
- added toolbar icons: hand-list-dialog, formula-dialog, defense-dialog
- modified the reset icon - small red square button
- modified manual mode icon (looks like the previous reset icon)
- modified various help pages.
- modified tooltips - they are slightly more terse.
- added supported sites page.
- moved team help to new page

2004-Mar-21 10:26:26 - Release notes
- added refocus setting to options/analyzer menu.
-- allows you to let focus remain with poker window after the autoplayer takes action.
** unfortunately there is nothing we can do about pokerstars
** their software forces keyboard focus to the poker window on your turn
** there is no way to disable this very annoying behavior in the stars software
** making it impossible to do work on your desktop and play on stars simultaneously
** poor business planning on their part
- new dealposition symbol.
- new file mylicense.txt in your install folder that contains your pkey.

2004-Mar-17 14:10:52 - Release notes
- added poker window screen shot option to the file menu (pokerw.bmp)
- added poker client screen shot option to the file menu (pokerc.bmp)
- added desktop screen shot option to the file menu. (desktop.bmp)
all screen shot files are placed in your install folder.

2004-Mar-15 23:20:17 - Release notes
- play formula small definition change
-- the play formula sit in/out feature can be disabled by returning a negative value
-- this allows you to only make sit in/out decisions during a certain betround.
-- suggested play formula format is:
(betround==4) ? ( ...insertplaycondition... ) : -1
- pot amount and manual call amount table view locations have changed
- text color for manual call amount is unique
- all new reformatted symbol list

2004-Mar-14 10:13:28 - Release notes
- bugfix for ncallbets and nraisbets (could incorrectly resolve to zero)
- bugfix for bet (could resolve to incorrect value)
- new symbols
-- nbetstocall - total number of additional bets required to call
-- nbetstorais - total number of additional bets required to rais
-- ncurrentbets - total number of bets currently in front of you

2004-Mar-12 15:33:03 - Release notes
- new player nbets indicator
- formula dialog mods:
-- new reset/resetall buttons
-- new default evrais formula
-- new default P formula (used defcon symbol now)
-- font is now "Courier" instead of "Courier New"
-- new group operators '[]' and '{}'
-- many new symbols
--- br (abbreviation for betround)
--- nopponentsfolded
--- ishiflush
--- ishistraight
--- isaggmode
--- isdefmode
--- defcon
--- ishicard,isonepair,istwopair,isthreeofakind,isstraight,isflush,isfullhouse,isfourofakind,isstraightflush,isroyalflush,isfiveofakind
- new defcon level dialog (used by P formula)
- bugfix for autopost checkbox annoyance on paradise

2004-Mar-10 11:59:42 - Release notes
- mods and enhancements to poker professional interface.
- new play formula that will control sitin/sitout ability.
- added chair numbers to the table view.
- bugfix - manual mode small blind amount was sometimes the big blind amount.
- bugfix - allin on partypoker sometimes would just raise instead of allin.
- bugfix - allin on pokerstars sometimes would not bet entire stack.
- bugfix - to blinds not getting reset on table change.

2004-Mar-2 18:47:53 - Release notes
- some new symbols
- tsuit,tsuitcommon,trank,trankcommon,
- - nopponentschecking,nopponentscalling,nopponentsraising,nopponentsbetting
- bugfix - poker professional check message was not working properly.

2004-Feb-28 15:10:00 - Release notes
- bugfix - uninitialized memory could crash winholdem for large .dat file formulas.
- added new $$AB# card symbols
- some new symbols
- startup valid license message popup now shows time remaining
- correction to the formula operator '?:' was wrongly evaluating left to right. it now correctly evaluates right to left.

2004-Feb-22 18:12:36 - Release notes
- removed team menu for non team editions
- removed channel display from title bar for non-team editions
- removed winholdem in formula editor title bar to make party poker happy
- formulas and lists are now written to disk upon exiting the dialog
- many new symbols
- new $CCc hand symbols
- new help for pokerval symbol

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