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Basic Poker Betting Terms

The context of this example is that it is your turn to act and that you have already acted once in the hand and you have a current bet already in front of you - shown in red.

The action has circled around the table and your opponents have made raises such that you are now call short - shown in yellow.

Folding is a decision to not spend any more money on the hand and forsake your current bet already in the pot.

Checking is a decision to spend zero to stay in the hand and it can only occur when the call short amount is zero.

Calling is a decision to spend the call short amount thus keeping you in the hand.

Betting/Raising is a decision to spend the call short amount plus one table bet - shown in green.

Balance is the amount of chips at the table that are still fully within your control - not in the pot.

Spending/Wagering is the act of moving chips from your balance to the current bet in front of you. Your Spend/Wager is then considered to be the property of the hand and is no longer within your control.

For No Limit and Pot Limit games:

A Stated Raise is a decision to spend the call short amount plus a stated raise amount of more than one table bet and less than your balance.

Allin is a decision to spend your entire balance.

Pot Limit has the additional constraint that you cannot spend more than the current size of the pot.

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