Simply the best way to play Texas Holdem

"WinHoldEm™ is the #1 Pokerbot on the net!!"

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STEP 1: Download / Install WinHoldEm™

WinHoldEm™ will automatically setup a client account ID for you and present your License page in your browser. There is a purchase button on your browser license page.

Download WinHoldEm
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Download size 1MB

STEP 2: Purchase a WinHoldEm™ License

You must buy a 1-year product license. WinHoldEm™ will check your license on launch. You MUST install WinHoldEm™ before you can buy it.

STEP 3: Download / Install WinScrape™

WinHoldEm™ can automatically play Texas Holdem at dozens of internet poker rooms. But you absolutely MUST have a working WinScrape™ (.ws) file for your specific table and site. The .ws file tells WinHoldEm™ how to read the current visual state of your poker table. You'll have all the time you need to use WinScrape™ to reverse engineer any poker room where you want to play.

Download WinScrape
Free Download Now
Download size 1MB

STEP 4: Start playing perfect poker

Press the GREEN button on the WinHoldEm™ toolbar and watch your pokerbot automatically read your poker table for you. Then press the A button and sit back and watch WinHoldEm™ play exactly the way you want it to.